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FAQ (Irodori Sakura)

Irodori Sakura Website User Guide

Welcome to the new Irodori Comics website! The following guide will help orient you when navigating the online store.

What has changed with the new website?

Much of the website design has been overhauled and redesigned in order to improve your online shopping experience. Aside from improving the speed of the storefront, we're also implementing changes in the backend that will introduce more features for you to enjoy in the near future. For now, some of the new features we've implemented include the following:

No more download limits 

You can now access all of your purchased works from your account on the website and download them whenever you want without limits.


We now have discount coupons that you can redeem at checkout in order to avail of discounts on your purchases. These coupons will be sent out spontaneously on our Newsletter so be sure to subscribe

Merge of Websites

Our Irodori Lite website has been merged with our website. You can now purchase and download all works on one website. Works can be accessed from "My Account > Downloads".


I can't access my old account. How do I log in?

You will have to reset your password in order to regain access to your old account. Follow the instructions below to reset your password:

Will my old account transfer over to the new website?

We have migrated all of your old account data and purchase history over to the new website, but you will need to reset your account password by clicking the "Forgotten Password" link at the login screen in order to regain access to your account. Simply provide the email address you used to create your original account at the prompt and follow the directions in the link that will be forwarded to you in order to reset your password.

Will I have access to all of my past purchases?

Yes, you will! Provided you reinstate your account by resetting your password following the directions above, all your previous purchases will be carried over and you will be able to download them again.

Do I need to have an account in order to make purchases on the website?

Yes. An account is required in order to make any purchases. All download links to purchased files are also available through your account. You will not receive any download links via email.



Can I change my password and account information? 

Yes. You can change your account information and password in “My Account”.

How do I check my Order History? 

You can check your past orders from “Order History” in “My Account”. 

How do I download the works I’ve purchased? 

You can either download purchased works from the product page themselves, or go to My Account > Downloads to get a full list of all downloadable files of works you have purchased in the past.



Can I refund a purchase?

As our products are digital, all sales are final and will not be valid for refund. Please make sure to check that you are buying the correct item.

Do you allow payment using PayPal?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer Paypal as a payment option since Paypal does not allow payment for websites that also handle adult content.

Why was my card declined?

Please check to ensure the following:

  1. that the correct credentials for your card, including complete billing address as shown in your billing statement, were used when making your purchase;

  2. that you have adequate balance in your account in the case of debit cards;

  3. that you are not using a prepaid gift card to make a purchase;

  4. that you currently do not have any restrictions set by your bank on purchasing goods online; and

  5. that your card was not issued by a country that we are restricted from selling to (see terms and conditions).

Can I use a prepaid gift card issued by a bank to make purchases on the site?

We do not recommend using prepaid gift cards to make a purchase since a verified address is required in order to process your order. Due to the nature of the products we offer, it is a requirement that all cards have a verified address in order to pass the automated fraud detection set by the payment gateway.

Why was my card charged even though my card was declined?

If a payment request was sent to your bank but was declined for whatever reason, the bank normally places a hold on the funds pending authorization, which appears as a charge on your account. Since no funds were actually transferred, this hold normally expires after a period of time set by the bank and can range from anywhere between 72 hours to two weeks. In cases like this, we recommend contacting your bank directly to request for an immediate release on the hold on your funds.



What is the "Interested in Print" button on product pages?

We will be printing works for physical releases soon. Clicking on "Interested in Print" will allow us to gauge interest in what people want to see a physical print of. You must be logged-in to vote. 

When will my Pre-Ordered products be available to download?

Pre-orders usually become live within a month after they are announced. In addition, you will receive a notification via email once they are available to download. 

What file format do you offer for downloads? 

The standard format of digital downloads are PDF files at 3200x pixel vertical resolution. However, in cases where the source files are smaller than 3200x, the file will be available in its native resolution.

Have some of the product prices changed?

We’ve adjusted prices across the board to make it more comparable to the price of the Japanese version. 

I found a typo in a work. Can I request that this be fixed?

Please contact us via the contact form and let us know. Any revisions made to existing releases shall be available to all those who purchased it in the past free of charge. Unfortunately, we cannot give a definitive time frame for when corrected versions will be uploaded, but you will receive a message once the patched version is available for download. 

How can I recommend/request an artist for you to work with? 

You can contact us via the contact form. Although we cannot make any guarantees, we will try our best to try and reach out to the artist on your behalf. To help facilitate the request, feel free to include a link to the artist’s Japanese store page (Fanza / Melonbooks etc) or their Twitter/ Pixiv profile when submitting your request/recommendation. 


Have any other questions? Please feel free to contact us via the contact form