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A girl falls in love and devotes herself to them, but they don't conform to her expectations, perhaps because she looks at them through a blurry curtain.

*Editor's Notes: 

Silkscreen touches on a bittersweet romance between a lesbian and a genderqueer individual, who later comes out as a trans man. 

Those familiar with Isaki Uta's previous works like Mermaid In The BottleLeaper and Mine-kun is Asexual, will know that the author has a unique style of storytelling that leaves a lot to the reader's interpretation. Silkscreen is a bittersweet story that briefly explores the concepts of identity, rejection, and acceptance.

**Additional Note: When released in Japan, Isaki Uta classified this work as a "Yuri" title based on their interpretation of their characters and the story. In order to follow the artist's original vision, we have added the yuri tag to this work but have also tagged it as a "LGBTQ+" title as that would make more sense for Western audiences. Tagging this work as Yuri is NOT an attempt by the author to erase trans representation, but a difference in interpretation and definition of genres between countries, industries, and storefronts. 

  • Author: Isaki Uta
  • Pages: 44
  • Japanese Title: シルクスクリーン
  • Romaji Title: SILKSCREEN
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